Evelyn's Leaf SolutionsProtect Heads and Property With Gutter Guards

Gutters can become clogged with leaves, pine needles and other debris, which can cause water to be directed to your home’s foundation or basement, where it can cause damage. Gutter guards are rolls of special material, such as mesh, that are fitted on top of gutters to prevent leaves or other debris from blocking the gutters and storm water drains. K.P. LaMarco & Associates can install gutter guards that will keep debris out of your gutters so that water can flow away from your house.

Why should you have K.P. LaMarco & Associates install gutter guards on your home?

  • Gutter guards will dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your gutters clear. Instead of cleaning them twice a year, you will only need to clean your gutters once every three to five years. This will save you time and money.
  • Gutter guards will help you avoid blockages that can make your gutters overflow during heavy rain. Overflowing can cause damage to the inside of your house or your foundation and can cause staining on the outside of your home.
  • Gutter guards help water flow more easily through the gutters and downspouts. If you have a rain water tank, it will fill up more quickly when it rains. Since the gutter guards will filter out debris, the water will also be cleaner.
  • Wet debris that gets into your gutters can cause them to rust prematurely. Gutter guards will prevent this from happening, which can make your gutters last twice as long.
  • Gutter guards can stop insects, mice, cockroaches, and spiders from breeding in your gutters because they eliminate stagnant water, which will make your gutters unattractive to animals and vermin looking for a home. Gutter guards can also prevent rodents, birds and opossums from getting into your roof.
  • If a fire breaks out and there is dry debris in your gutters, it can catch fire too. Gutter guards eliminate flammable materials and metal gutter guards are available that are rated for fire protection.

Gutter guards can easily eliminate debris that can clog your gutters, making them work better, cutting down on maintenance and protecting your home. K.P. LaMarco & Associates installs Evelyn’s Leaf Solution stainless steel mesh gutter guards that can change the direction of water so it flows into the seams, even during heavy rains.

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