Residential Gutter Installations

Gutter InstallationWhen gutters function properly, they direct water away from your home, which protects your siding and foundation from water damage. When they become clogged, misaligned or damaged, gutters cannot serve their function, which can result in damage to your home from moisture. Failing gutters can cause damage to your home’s foundation, facade, basement or landscaping.

If your gutters are rusted, bent, dented, broken, sagging or pulling away from the house or if you see water in your basement or cracks in your house’s foundation, now is the time to replace your gutters. Doing so now can help you prevent further damage that could require expensive repairs. At K.P. LaMarco & Associates, we install both aluminum seamless gutters and copper gutters at homes throughout Connecticut.

Aluminum seamless gutters are made from one piece of aluminum that is cut to match your house exactly. Unlike traditional gutters, which have unattractive seams and are prone to leaks and rot, seamless gutters only have seams at the inside and outside covers and downspouts. They are less likely to become clogged with leaves and debris and do not need to be cleaned as often as traditional sectional gutters. Aluminum gutters are available in an array of colors to compliment any home’s exterior. The vast majority of our customers choose aluminum seamless gutters for their homes.

Traditional aluminum gutters need to be replaced periodically, but copper gutters can last much longer. They can withstand all types of weather, including extreme temperatures and are less likely than aluminum gutters to dent, tear or develop holes. They are virtually maintenance-free and are available in a selection of styles and designs to suit any house. Many homeowners also like the green color that copper gutters take on as the copper oxidizes over time.

If you are experiencing problems with your current gutters, don’t put off replacing them. Ignoring problems now will only lead to more expensive problems down the road. Contact K.P. LaMarco & Associates today at (203) 415-6773 to discuss installing new aluminum or copper gutters on your home.