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K.P. LaMarco’s team of experienced and talented roofers can install high-quality roofs for a wide variety of residential & commercial buildings. One of the most popular choices is metal, which offers several advantages over other roofing materials for businesses:

  • Metal is lighter and stronger than built-up roofing systems. Since fewer supporting materials are required, business owners can reduce their up-front installation costs. Metal’s lighter weight also makes it possible to retrofit many commercial buildings with older roofs, which can reduce costs.
  • Metal roofs offer superior strength and performance. Materials are tested for their ability to withstand strong winds, air infiltration and leakage, and water penetration.
  • Metal can be used to create more complex and challenging architectural designs, but it is also comparatively easier to install than many other roofing materials. Standing seam metal roof installations are less affected by weather, which can eliminate construction scheduling delays.
  • Metal roofs are low-maintenance. They typically require only gutter maintenance and an occasional power washing. It is easier to waterproof a building, identify leaks, and replace wet insulation on a metal roof than on one made with another material. It is also easy to upgrade the insulation on a metal roof.
  • Metal roofing can accommodate many curves and angles that other roofing materials cannot and can create watertight seams. This opens up a world of new design possibilities.
  • Metal roofs can be created in a wide array of colors and textures and aligned vertically, horizontally, or at angles to complement a variety of designs. Some colors are also highly reflective, which reduces heat absorption and lowers energy costs.
  • Metal roofing is environmentally-friendly, since 100 percent of metal panels can be recycled at the end of the roof’s lifetime.
  • High-performance metal roofs have a longer life cycle than other materials. They can typically last 50 years or more.

K.P. LaMarco is a Connecticut leader in the installation, repair and replacement of commercial copper, aluminum and steel roofs with materials from Atas and Coastal Metal Service, two industry leaders.

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