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K.P. LaMarco is a leader in the installation of house siding in the state of Connecticut. Installing new siding can increase the value of your home more than many other remodeling projects. Any of our options for siding will protect your home from weather damage, but depending on your circumstances and needs, you may prefer one type of siding over the others.

Consider these factors.


If you are on a tight budget, vinyl siding is the least expensive option and includes a lifetime warranty with K.P. LaMarco & Associates.


  • We offer vinyl siding in many different colors and styles, but if you are looking for an exact hue that you like, we suggest that you choose fiber cement or cedar siding since both can be painted.
  • Our fiber cement siding can be installed pre-primed and ready to be painted or already painted with the best paint warranty in the industry.
  • Cedar siding can be stained, treated, painted, or bleached to create your desired look. Cedar siding can also give your home a unique, natural look.
  • PVC trim work has a beautiful, smooth wood appearance that is resistant to rotting, cracking and splitting, even in bad weather.


Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance-free. PVC trim work is a close second, with very little maintenance required. Cedar is as natural as siding gets and also requires the most maintenance. Fiber cement siding falls in the middle.

Environmental Concerns

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Fiber cement siding contains a significant percentage of recycled materials, and cedar is a renewable resource.

K.P. LaMarco & Associates is committed to installing only the best siding materials on the market today. We have completed extensive training and earned manufacturers’ certifications that ensure that you’re getting experts to install your low-maintenance or maintenance-free home siding. All of our siding installers have earned recognition as “Master Craftsmen” through CertainTeed, the #1 rated manufacturer of building products among professionals.

Call us today at (203) 415-6773 and let us show you how our siding can turn your Connecticut house into the home of your dreams.