Custom PVC Trim Work

PVC Trim Work
Installing new siding on your home can make it more energy-efficient and lower your heating and cooling bills year-round. New siding can also make your home more attractive and enhance its curb appeal.

The right siding can create a beautiful home that will stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Some siding installers use premium siding but pair it with simple, cheap trim. The result is a less attractive, plain-looking home.

At K.P. LaMarco & Associates, we will install our siding with high-quality PVC trim to enhance your home’s beauty and character.

PVC offers several advantages compared to other types of trim:

  • PVC is made from the same components as durable vinyl sidings, but it is manufactured using a different process.
  • PVC trim has an attractive wood grain or smooth finish to match vinyl siding.
  • Unlike wood siding trim, PVC will not rot, crack or split, even after years of exposure to the elements.
  • PVC trim can be painted any color to accent the color of the siding on the rest of your home.
  • PVC trim requires less maintenance than wood or fiber cement.
  • While PVC costs more than wood trim, it is a wise investment that can enhance the appearance and value of your house.

K.P. LaMarco & Associates installs premium PVC trim with our siding on homes throughout Connecticut. If you are planning to improve your home’s energy efficiency, value, and curb appeal with new siding, don’t detract from its appearance with inferior trim. PVC is a durable and attractive choice that can be painted any color to accent the rest of your home’s exterior.

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