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Marvin Windows: Built Around You

Marvin’s windows and doors are available with thousands of options. You can create a customized solution for your home’s energy needs. Here are some of the many features that Marvin offers:

  • Windows and doors are available with either two or three panes of glass and/or suspended films.
  • Low-e coatings can be applied to glass to reduce heat transfer year-round, which can cut your energy bills significantly. Different low-e coatings are designed for high, moderate or low solar heat gain needs for varying climates. Low-e coatings will still allow plenty of light into your home.
  • Marvin’s windows and patio doors have argon or a blend of krypton, argon and air between the glass panes to increase energy efficiency.
  • Marvin also offers energy panels, a glazing option that consists of a removable exterior glass panel that covers the exposed glass surface of the sash and increases energy efficiency for wood windows with single glazing.
  • Storm and screen combination units consist of two movable glass panels and a movable screen panel that can be arranged in several configurations and can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • All of Marvin’s windows and patio doors meet the WDMA requirements for maximum air infiltration.
  • The warm-edge XL Edge® spacer from Cardinal IG is the most durable spacer system available. It helps to prevent heat loss around the perimeter of the window.

K.P. LaMarco & Associates is a leading Connecticut installer of energy-efficient Marvin windows and patio doors.

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